Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random Movie Ads: The Christian Film Edition


Lee Jones said...

One of my favorite things about THE HEALING is that it uses library music which also turned up in Radley Metzger's XXX classic, THE OPENING OF MISTY BEETHOVEN.

The Mark IV productions are really fantastic. Don Thompson is working on a new rapture feature as we speak!

The Dead Next Door said...

Russ Doughten, who directed a lot of those, used to "host" his own films on a christian TV station here in Columbus (I'm assuming he syndicated this stuff). And for many years, Columbus was home to the "Free Christian Drive-In" which was still showing features when PASSION OF THE CHRIST was released a few years ago.

We need a comprehensive book on religious exploitation films.

W.B. Kelso said...

Oh man. I just unearthed a couple of these Pirkle potboilers myself just the other day.

I've only seen "Footmen" and "Burning Hell" ... and all one can do is watch and boggle. "Ask your Jesus for some candy." Are you @#%*ing kidding?

Lee Jones said...

I did a whole series of these this past Spring.

They were lots of fun.

All the prints came direct from Doughton himself. All 16mm.

I talked to Mr. Thompson who told me all sorts of great stories about making these movies (they cost A LOT to make! Like $500,000+).

Tim Mayer said...

It just goes to show there are cinematic worlds outside Theater of the Living Arts.