Friday, July 23, 2010

The Endangered List (Case File #75 )


Donald J. Levy (as Dudley)
Halcyon MaKapagal (as Laura)

Orwin Dow
Evron Domer
Tom Carey
Eileen Chaffee
Dick Chaffee
Beth Ryan
Roy Henderson
Julie Wallior
Carl Parker
George Wescott
Guy Wakefield
Rev. Frank Norris
John Giannoni

Written, produced and directed
Donald J. Levy

Photographed by
Jack Graham

Lela Smith

Assistant Director
Doyne Mraz

Filmed in 16mm
Running time: 85 minutes
(Copyright running time: 125 minutes)

AFI Catalog description: Dudley Gray, a bumbling postman, lives with his selfish wife and in-laws in a small northwestern town in 1928. His life is filled with small annoyances -- barking dogs, runaway baby chicks, wet sheets of postage stamps, irate alarm clocks, and rebounding doors. One day at work he meets frail Laura Eros, who comes to the post office every morning and afternoon to ask, in vain, about a letter from her husband, Peter. Dudley soon discovers that Peter was killed while trying to commit a robbery. Aware that Laura's health is failing, Dudley begins to send her love letters using Peter's name. Laura is cheered by the letters, but she is soon bedridden by a new attack. Dudley begins to enclose money in the forged letters, and he confesses his love for her to a friend. Consulting with her doctor, he learns that the best remedy for her condition is the dry pollution-free climate of new Mexico. Meanwhile, Laura learns of Dudley's kindness and begins to write him a letter expressing her gratitude and love. Before she can finish, however, she dies, spilling ink onto the paper, obliterating the message and shattering Dudley's dream.

Thanks to John W. Donaldson

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