Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bees, worms, vampires...and spasms

Here are two of the more peculiar horror programs we've come across in our endless descent to the bottom of the barrel. First is an early '70s Seattle show called "Spasm-itis," which promised 3 hours of horror, thrills beyond imagination, and free anti-spasm pills (!), without any indication of what two spasm-inducing movies were actually shown.

Next is the "Bees, Worms, Vampires" triple feature that hit three Atlanta-area theaters in 1978, no doubt thrown together by a sub-distributor to catch some of the run-off from the Warner Brothers big ticket attraction that summer, THE SWARM (which ended up bombing). Again there's no line-up listed, but just going by the graphics on the advertisement and the title of the program, we assume this show consisted of THE BEES, THE WORM EATERS and THE VELVET VAMPIRE. Anyone know for sure?

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