Sunday, July 18, 2010

One-Sheet of the Week: LEGEND OF HORROR / DIABOLIC WEDDING combo (1971)

First feature: LEGEND OF HORROR (1960/1971)

"The Tell-Tale Heart" flashback sequence was filmed in 1960 as a segment of OBRAS MAESTRAS DEL TERROR / MASTERWORKS OF TERROR.

The American sequences were shot several years later.

U.S. release in December 1971

Second feature: ANNABELLE LEE (1968)

English-language (ANNABELLE LEE) and Spanish-language (BODA DIABOLICA) versions were shot in Peru in 1968, possibly by two different directors.

U.S. release (of the English-language version) in December 1971 as DIABOLIC WEDDING


rivamarsh said...

I love this poster (I actually have this in my collection) I've always wanted to know what the hell "Diabolic Wedding" was!! staring former child star Margaret O'Brien. Do you know if this film is currently lost? I'm thinking that "Diabolic Wedding" is another mutant film like "Legend of Horror" it most likley even has more 'magicmation' violence (those weird and wonderful claymation gore effects) also found in the terrific "Legend of Horror".

Anonymous said...

The Diabolic Wedding would be a good candidate for "The Endangered List"; AFAIK, it's never been released on video or shown on TV.