Sunday, August 28, 2016

Movie Ad of the Week: RAW NERVE (1991)

Glenn Ford's final theatrical feature, the David A. Prior low-budgeter RAW NERVE, opened in seven Los Angeles area theaters (including the Egyptian!) on June 28, 1991.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Movie Ad of the Week: BRAINWAVES (1982) a.k.a. MIND GAMES (1983)

Motion Picture Marketing opened Ulli Lommel's horror pic BRAINWAVES in Cincinnati, OH on November 19, 1982. When their promo campaigns failed to impress Lommel, MPM returned both this film and THE DEVONSVILLE TERROR to him so he could seek distribution elsewhere. Theatrical bookings for THE DEVONSVILLE TERROR were handled by Cineworld Pictures, while BRAINWAVES was picked up by Comworld Pictures and rechristened MIND GAMES (It was later edited for a PG rating and re-titled SHADOW OF DEATH). Both films were released on videocassette by Embassy Home Entertainment.

MIND GAMES in Decatur, IL - April 22, 1983

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mystery Movie solved! KUNG FU COPS (1975)

Thanks to the ad above (Louisville, Kentucky - January 28, 1977) and additional help from Video Watchdog's John Charles, we've come to the conclusion that KUNG FU COPS is the U.S. release title of NAN ZI HAN (1973), a.k.a. SMUGGLERS and KUNG FU GANGBUSTERS.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Endangered List (Case File #150)


Chris Robinson
Frank Gifford
Terry Moore
Ted Cassidy

Special Appearances
Cab Calloway
Phyllis Diller
Bert Parks
Frankie Laine
Norm Crosby

Produced by
Paul Holm

Written and Directd
Chris Robinson

MPAA rating: PG

Release dates
January 3, 1977 (Palm Beach, FL)
April 29, 1977 (Boca Raton, FL)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Movie Ad of the Week: THE DEATH OF BRUCE LEE w/ MR. DEATH (1977)

A double feature of death from Howard Mahler Films -- THE DEATH OF BRUCE LEE and MR. DEATH -- opened in Louisville, KY on November 18, 1977. THE DEATH OF BRUCE LEE is a re-release of THE BLACK DRAGON'S REVENGE (1975), starring Ron Van Clief and Charles Bonet. The second feature, MR. DEATH, is a re-release of Jim Sotos' THE LAST VICTIM, starring Tanya Roberts, Ron Max, and Nancy Allen. Although it carries an R rating here, the film actually received a PG from the MPAA in January 1976. When it was re-released as FORCED ENTRY in 1983 by Sotos' own company, Century International, it was edited for re-rating and got an R.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Movie Ad of the Week: PLEASE! DON'T GO IN THE BEDROOM (1973)

The IMDb lists DON'T GO IN THE BEDROOM as a "pre-release" title for José Ramón Larraz's SCREAM AND DIE, with a U.S. release date of October 1974 as THE HOUSE THAT VANISHED -- but here it is at the Trail Drive-in theater in Lake Worth, FL on December 7th, 1973 under the title PLEASE! DON'T GO IN THE BEDROOM. Big thanks to long-time friend Jon Putnam for sending this one our way.