Monday, July 12, 2010

Mystery Movies: The "Double Dose" combo (1979)

This super sleazy double-header first reared its ugly head in the first quarter of 1979, with no credit block or distributor info included in any of its publicity materials. We have a suspicion that one of these films, possibly HOUSE OF SHAME, is yet another retitling of THE CULT; several sources list "HOUSE OF BONDAGE" as that film's 1980 re-release title, but we've yet to find evidence that a movie with that title played anywhere in the U.S. during the late '70s/early '80s. More likely it was one of these movies and the source combined the two titles and came up with "HOUSE OF BONDAGE" (The ad above looks like it came from Hallmark/Newport Releasing, who still had THE CULT under license at the time). Then again, we might be completely wrong and these could actually be 15-year-old, b&w OLGA movies that somehow got bookings all over the country in 1979 -- but we kinda doubt it. If anyone knows what these are, please drop us a line. Thanks!

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