Sunday, July 11, 2010

One-Sheet of the Week: THE DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE / IN THE DEVIL'S GARDEN combo (1974)

First feature: LA PLUS LONGUE NUIT DU DIABLE (1971)

U.S. release in 1972 as THE DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE.

Re-released by MPM in 1980 as VAMPIRE PLAYGIRLS.
Second feature: ASSAULT (1971)

U.S. release in 1973 under three different titles: ASSAULT, MOLESTED, and IN THE DEVIL'S GARDEN

Re-released by MPM in 1980 as SATAN'S PLAYTHINGS.

Released on video as THE CREEPERS. Shown on TV as TOWER OF TERROR.

This combo released in 1974, although a MOLESTED / THE DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE combo made the rounds a year earlier.


bruce holecheck said...

I also had a domestic prerecord of DEVIL'S GARDEN under the title ASSAULT, though the label escapes me right this second. It looked *a lot* better than my CREEPER tape.

Ian Miller said...

Yeah, but THE CREEPERS one has that cool Saturn covers gallery after the film!