Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mystery Movies: HOT TO TROT (1980) and SEX REPORT (circa 1981)

Our files show August 1980 as the first sighting date for HOT TO TROT, at the Tower Drive-In in Elyria, OH (with FLESH GORDON as the second feature). It's possible that it was an SRC Films release; we've seen it co-billed with PENTHOUSE PLAYMATES, NAUGHTY FRESHMEN and VOLUPTUOUS VIXENS, which were all being handled by SRC at the time, and the photo in the ads is from another SRC catalog title, INTIMATE PLAYMATES. Whatever it is, HOT TO TROT was still playing the circuit the following summer: the above ad is from Cedar Rapids, IA (April 1981) and the triple bill below played the Cleveland area two months later. Oh, and while we're at it, does anyone know what the heck the top-billed SEX REPORT: THE MOVIE might be?!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet that Sex Report movie is some Schoolgirl Report or another.

Anonymous said...

The Encyclopdia of Sex in the movies (or whatever that two book set is called) lists HOT TO TROT, but simply says "See ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER." They claim that ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER is a Lucio Fulci film.

Temple of Schlock said...

Anonymous #1: It's a report movie, but it's probably not a SCHOOLGIRL REPORT movie since those were being released exclusively through SRC Films at the time, and this isn't an SRC title or campaign.

Anonymous #2: Very interesting. ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER is indeed a Lucio Fulci movie and - as the ads promise - "an all out erotic thriller." It was released theatrically in the U.S. (in 1971) by G.G. Communications, which was still in business and getting playdates for their PIPPI LONGSTOCKING matinees at this point, so it's possible they tacked a new title onto the Fulci movie and re-released it. This needs further investigating. Thanks for the tip!

Screen13 said...

Just found an ad in the Detroit News in the Nov. 7, 1980 issue with some extra bits which may or may not lead to a possible guess. The warning reads "Due to the unusual subject matter and explicit presentation of this motion picture only mature adults should attend" in a block that was also found on the ad to Caged Women, the MPM release of Bruno Mattei's Violence in a Woman's Prison. In the Detroit area, this was played with Flesh Gordon, but also with MPM's Eager Beavers (aka The Swinging Barmaids in it's original Premier Releasing release).

I only hope that this will at lest help narrow it down to at least the company involved as MPMs presentations usually were grouped with at least one of their other films. Who knows, it may be Devil's Nightmare (which MPM played as Vampire Playgirls) or even In the Devil's Garden (aka through an MPM release as Satan's Playthings).

The additional tagline in the ad is this: "She was rich, she was beautiful, she could make men do anything and she wanted everything".

Re: SEX REPORT - There was one Hemisphere-Distributed Schoolgirl Report film that was sent to MPM. Campus Swingers was changed to Sex Education by 1979, so maybe this would be the film.