Friday, July 16, 2010

The Endangered List (Case File #74)


Lorne Greene

Produced by
Jerry Fairbanks

Directed by
James P. Connor

Photographed by
Frank Whaley

Written by
Leo S. Rosencrans
Robert Rosencrans

MPAA rating: G
Running time: 104 minutes

Yukon Pictures

'Amaluk' Premiere in Nevada

HOLLYWOOD -- Delivery prints via air express is nothing new but producer Jerry Fairbanks may have chalked up a Hollywood "first" when, at the controls of own private twin-engine eight-place Beechcraft, he personally flew the print of his just-completed feature, "The Legend of Amaluk," to Las Vegas. The true-life adventure-drama had its premier showing Friday Fox-Charlston at National General's (6) Theatre in the Nevada city. Starring Lorne Greene as host and photographed in full color on location north of the Yukon by veteran Arctic cinematographer Frank Whaley, the picture is the odyssey of an Eskimo youth who sets out in a lone battle to conquer a hostile white wilderness, with life and love the stakes. Fairbanks, who heads his own studio and production company, is a veteran Hollywood flier and filmmaker and a two-time Academy Award winner. "The Legend of Amaluk," directed by James P. Connor, is an original story by Leo S. Rosencrans and Robert Rosencrans and is slated for pre-Christmas holiday engagements in the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California areas. The picture is the first in a planned program of G-rated films in preparation.

[Boxoffice, October 9th, 1972]


Anonymous said...

I think it's cool that Frank Whaley was the cinematographer, especially considering he was born in 1963 and would have been no older than nine years at the time of filming.

Temple of Schlock said...

Crazy, right? Check this out: My roommate for two years in college was Don Larsen, and I could never figure out how he pitched that perfect no-hitter for the Yankees in the '56 World Series when he was only negative 13 years old.

By the way, are you the same Anonymous who wrote "Go Ask Alice" and "Primary Colors"? I love your work.

Anonymous said...

This is an incredibly extensive article on such an ignored movie.
I was trying to find some info on this film and found y/ blog as well as a page on the TCM site (
Since this film is not on IMDb I will try to submit it.
Thanks for sharing.
Jorge Ochoa