Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Endangered List (Case File #151)

GET IT ON! (1977)

Gordon Haight
Jacqueline Kaye
Stuart Taylor
Constance Yelverton
Gene Hamilton
Susan Baldwin
Roger Rose
Dan Specter
Owen Akar
Craig Johnson
Don Markcity

Music by
Craig Johnson

Director of Photography
William De Diego

Associate Producers
Francis L. Bacon
Alvin J. Sims

Executive Producer
Irv Apatoff

Assistant Director
John Tenorio

Produced and Directed
Greg H. Sims

Nucleus Films Production

Rating: PG (unofficial)

Release date
December 16, 1977 (San Bernardino, CA)


William S. Wilson said...

Interesting. According to Variety, it looks like another film with the same crew and partial cast shot under the name The Snatch:

THE SNATCH (Nucleus Prods.) 7/17/78, Washington. EXP., Irv Apatoff ; PROD.-DIR., Greg Sims; SCR., Richard Magnesen; CAST, Stuart Taylor, Gabriel Heflin, Martin Rosenblatt, Sandra Fillman
Published Date: July 26th, 1978

CMG said...

I'd like to see this flick! I remember Stuart Taylor from the 1979 opus MALIBU HIGH. He chases Jill Lansing down the beach at the end of the movie to a piece of music which was later utilized as the opening theme song for the show 'THE PEOPLE'S COURT' in 1981 with Judge Joseph Wapner. Jill's about to shoot Stuart before she gets blown away by a policeman standing on a rock above her. William de Diego was the Director of Photography on MALIBU HIGH, btw.

So many interesting low-budget movies from the '70s never made it to homevideo and just disappeared. Bummer!