Sunday, October 17, 2010

One-Sheet of the Week: THE DEMON IS LOOSE (1989)


U.S. release in 1989 as THE DEMON IS LOOSE

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Mike Mac said...

I'm not certain if this was in April/May of 1989 or '90, but one of those years, I was going through the newspapers in the Central Library in Indianapolis, when I noticed a listing for this in the Evansville paper. To say that I was intrigued would be greatly understating it; I had never heard of this movie, whatever it was- and since I subscribed to Variety, Fangoria, etc. at the time, I was amazed that something like this could have slipped by me.

I got a copy of the Evansville paper for the preceding Friday (the first paper I saw must have been from the middle of the week), and found a display ad- much like the poster, but with no credits. But there was an "Opening Today" (or something like it) feature in the paper, and the entry for TDIL said that it featured "Claude Casenell" (I think that was how they had the name). I had a vague recollection of reading Claudio Cassinelli's obit in Variety several years before that, so I was even more intrigued.

Fortunately, the movie held over for another week at one theater in Evansville, so I drove down there to see it that weekend. I remember being VERY surprised when Lucio Fulci's name popped up on screen- since I hadn't seen any credits for the movie yet, I'd had no idea he was involved with the movie until then. (Ah, the days before the Internet and the IMDb.)

About the only other thing I remember about that showing was that there were only two other people in the audience. A few months later, TDIL showed up in a few theaters in Indianapolis. I went to see it at the Loews Norgate (gone for around 15 years now), and I think I was the only one there for that (opening week) showing.