Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mystery Movie: SPACE LOVE (1972)

Last week Steven Moro of Distribpix responded very nicely to our Endangered List #85 entry on SCORPIO '70, so we thought we'd knock another one into his court. According to Boxoffice magazine, SPACE LOVE was a June 1972 release from Distribpix, but we've been unable to turn up credits, a plot synopsis, or any other info on this obscuro sky-fi skinflick with a LOVE STORY-inspired tag line. How about it, Steve? What can you tell us about SPACE LOVE? Inquiring minds want to know! [And keep us posted on those WANDA WHIPS WALL STREET t-shirts! We want one!]


Mike Mac said...

"Gigantic Screenovision", eh?

I put that into Google, and found two other posters with that phrase-plus Eastmancolor and "The Fourth Dimension", too, since (unlike SPACE LOVE) they had yet to upgrade to the Fifth, apparently. The first is ASK ANY HOOKER- which has "The Devil Made Them Do It..." at the top of it, to go along with the LOVE STORY reference in Space Love's tag line. The second poster: MOTHERS OF AMERICA- a.k.a. THE GIRL FROM RIO; although the film may not have been released to US theaters under either title, the August 28, 1972, issue of BOXOFFICE had a cover ad for MOTHERS OF AMERICA (complete with Gigantic Screenovision, the 4th Dimension, and Eastmancolor).

The MOTHERS poster and ad both say "Gerald Fine Presents", and the ad gives Fine Features as the distrib. The pressbook for ASK ANY HOOKER says "Worldwide Distribution Fine Products" on the front cover- but I also noticedthat AAH was listed as a Distribpix release (along with SPACE LOVE) by Boxoffice.

So.... did Distribpix buy the rights to some Gerald Fine movies, as with Sam Lake? Were the companies affiliated with each other in some way? Did Distribpix handle Fine Products as a subdistributor in NYC and/or elsewhere? Apart from the above, the only other Distribpix/Fine Product link that I know of would be ANOMALIES- the AFI Catalogue lists both companies as distrib.

So- what gives?

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not I saw this at a X-Rated Drive in back in the day at a dusk to dawn show. One of the other flicks was,I believe,Sleepy Head,or something like that

Screen 13 said...

To mikemacnaptown, another Distribpix flick I think that was West-Coasted by Fine was A Woman's Liberation (my notes mentioning a 9-11-72 Boxoffice...hope I read that right), so your guessing on a film linked between the two companies is logical. Fine may have been an occasional West Coaster for D-Pix in the early 70's (at least 70-72).

However, I'm still thinking that it just may be a re-issue/re-name of 1970's Sex Odyssey. Again, it's just a guess, so we may never know until an official answer arrives.