Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Endangered List Supplement

Hey folks! Po-Man here, just dropping by to let you all know that we'll be adding reviews, ad mats and maybe even one or two frame grabs to a handful of our Endangered List titles this week, so check back here frequently for links to the new stuff.

MISS LESLIE'S DOLLS (Case File #1) -- Review just added!
THE DIRTY DOLLS (Case File #14) -- Two 'zine reviews added!
VIOLATED! (Case File #17) -- New alternate title ad!
CATCH MY SOUL (Case File #20) -- Two reviews just added!
BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (Case File #24) -- Synopsis & credits added!
THE CULT (Case File #26) -- New alternate title ad!
THE INBREAKER (Case File #32) -- Three new articles!
VOODOO HEARTBEAT (Case File #61) -- Three new alternate title ads!
THE GREAT MASQUERADE (Case File #62) -- New alternate title ad!
GOODNIGHT JACKIE (Case File #67) -- Additional credits added!
WALK THE WALK (Case File #72) -- Review just added!
THE SECRETARY (Case File #76) -- Review just added!
ALIAS BIG CHERRY (Case File #81) -- New book advertisement!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

DR BLAKE seems to be a re title of VOODOO HEARTBEAT, not that I had ever heard of it before your post( thanks IMDB ). Looks like it might be amusing :)