Friday, October 29, 2010

The Endangered List (Case File #89)



A modern contemporary drama of a wild and thrilling experience that every boy and girl should participate in! Don’t miss the wildest yacht party, where everyone gets high and lives the way only millionaires dream of living! A trip to end all trips -- the weirdest adventures are seen in the amusement park scenes, of a would-be starlet in Hollywood who takes to drugs and fights it off.

Jamie Michaels
Fletcher Fist
Norman Cole
Gerri Grant
Lisa Tennele

Directed by
Fletcher Fist

Produced by
Gerald Fine
Fletcher Fist

Original Story and Screenplay
Fletcher Fist

Director of Photography
Robert Maxwell

Executive Producer
Jerome Robert Jackson

MPAA rating: R
Running time: 90 minutes


A modern day love story that takes place in the tempestuous, free swinging, yet gentle and beautiful world of Hollywood today.

Judy, a lovely lonely girl from the Midwest, comes to Hollywood to become an actress. She meets and falls in love with P.G., a free living semi-successful Hollywood director and playboy.

He takes her through the mad whirl of his Hollywood life with side trips to the quiet and gentle moments.

When she can no longer accept the frantic phases of their life together, she leaves as she arrived – on a bus.

P.G. realizes he loves her and chases the bus, catching Judy as the film ends in a kaleidoscope of love and the fantasy of a young, impressionable girl.

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