Friday, October 08, 2010

The Endangered List (Case File #86)


Mike Renshaw (as Arnold)
Steve De Souza (as Kenny)
Eddie Henderson (as Rollo)
Shirley Kauffman (as Mae)
Byron Schauer (as Officer Ace)

Chick Langenella (as The Connection)
Hardee Mintzer (as Chief)
Ted Atlof (as Freddie)
Sandy Zeitler (as Juan)
Barbara Hencheck (as Susie)
Scott Kauffman (Kenny, as a Child)
Linda Powell (Stewardess #1)
Bonnie De Souza (as Stewardess #2)
Gene Beck (as Fat Man)
Dale Price (as Claude)
Louie Kleinerman (as Football Player #1)
Earl Simming (as Football Player #2)
Phil Rubin (as Football Player #3)
Harry Phillips (as Mr. Fameous)
Abbey Feinberg (as Mae’s Friend #1)
Natalee Rosenthal (as Mae’s Friend #2)
Dookie Rich (as Mae’s Friend #3)
Anthony Leone (as Gangster #1)
George Stallone (as Gangster #2)
Murray Gendzel (as 1000th Customer)
Jerry Forrest (as Policeman #2)
Leonard Mausner (as Policeman #3)
Don Day a.k.a. Don De Paul (as Reporter #1)
Lloyd Jones (as Reporter #2)
Jerry McCormick (as Constable #1)
Carl Hodges (as Constable #2)
M.D. Clausner (as The Narrator)

Directed by
Steven E. de Souza

Produced by
Otto G. Stoll

Written by
Steven E. de Souza

Executive Producer
Woody Kauffman

Sam Vergolini

Music by

A Cine Globe release

MPAA rating: PG

Filmed in 1971 under the title $CORING

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 1972 Atlanta Film Festival


punkjazz said...

Thanks for remembering this. It was a big part of my youth. The Post production for this film was done at Peckham Productions in Manhattan when Steve De Souza was an intern there. The Peckhams (Who were my friends and neighbors) kept a print, and we used to show it at all of our mid 70's pot parties.

Sash said...

My late brother played Rollo. I finally had the opportunity to see the film when Shout Factory TV posted it online.