Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mystery Movies: Bruceploitation in ATL!

Atlanta's longest-running urban action house, the Rialto Theatre, played host to a couple of super obscure "Bruceploitation" martial arts movies in the early '80s -- assuming the Lee in the following titles refers to Bruce the Dragon and not Robert E. the General.

First is GHOST OF LEE RETURNS, which played ATL in early 1982.

Next is the humorously titled ONE HUNG LEE, which passed through "Hotlanta" in March of 1984 on a double bill with the equally mysterious JAILBAIT BABY. We have no idea what the first feature is, and our best guess for the second is it's either JAILBAIT BABYSITTER under an abbreviated title, or a kung fu movie with a copyright infringing soundtrack by Motorhead. Unless someone finds the prints, we'll probably never know.

Ever wish you had a time machine?

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Eric Harvey said...

Great shot of the Rialto in it's heyday (of course depending on who you talk to) here.