Friday, October 01, 2010

The Endangered List (Case File #85)


Jennifer Welles (as Layne)
Stacey Michaels (as Glenn Lawrence)
Iris Brooks (as Janet Hypes)
Michael Hanes (as Bill Hypes)
Hollis Solomon (as Dorothy Lindsay)
Blaine Quincy (as Pete Lindsay)
Jessica Stuart (as Christine)
Larry Hunter (as Captain
Tomba (as Crewman)
Robin Elliot (as Crewman)
Whitney Wayne (as Coast Guard Lt.)
Jud Phillips (as Sailor)

Directed by
Ronald J. Sullivan

Produced by
Sam Lake

Written by
Derio Finelli

Director of Photography
Arthur Marks

Edited by
C. Davis Smith and Associates

Music by
James Taylor
Robert Patterson

V&W Sounds, Inc.

Sam Lake Enterprises Inc.

No MPAA rating (Self-applied 'X')
Running time: 82 Minutes


The film opens with a dead body being hauled aboard a sailing ketch. Janet, the widow of the corpse, is watching the body (Bill) as it is being laid out on deck, and thinks back to how it all started. From the events of the past two days of her life, and when as newlyweds they boarded the ketch for their honeymoon.

Within hours, suspicion, jealousy and adultery break down their relationship and destroys their marriage. Then Bill disappears. Layne a strangely beautiful sensuous woman, had joined the cruise with Glenn Lawrence, to help him with some vague business scheme of which we learn more later. Layne's only desire is constant sex, with anyone. When Glenn ignores her needs, she turns to Bill and seduces him. When Bill disappears, she seeks out the black deck hand, whom her man Glenn had specifically warned her to stay away from.

The third couple, Pete and Dorothy Lindsay-have their own problems. He is a drunk and his wife, a lesbian. Dorothy is with the new bride (Janet) when she discovers her husband has been making love to Layne. She then turns her consolation into a seduction.

When the sailing ketch returns from the cruise, it is finally revealed what happened to the husband-how he had died, which events involve Layne's man, the Captain's daughter and Pete Lindsay.

The film ends with a violent chase, and a killing that takes place between the black crew member and Glenn, and divulges the purpose of his business on board ...

UPDATE: Steven Moro, who owns the Distribpix and Sam Lake libraries, put up a few original ad mats for SCORPIO '70 over at The Distribpix Blog. Check 'em out HERE.


Lee Jones said...

I'm happy to report...NOT ENDANGERED!

Complete 35mm exist and are in safe hands.

Temple of Schlock said...

Excellent news, Lee. We kinda figured that Steve Moro would have this, since Distribpix picked up the Sam Lake library, but it's been off the radar for so long that we figured it was worth a shot. Thanks for the confirmation!

Eric said...

Well, please, SOMEONE release this then! That poster is AMAZING!!!

Steven Moro said...

Amazing blog, great, original , unique!! I am posting some pictures of the original ad mats which I just discovered last week. These are the exact ad mats used to make the poster and sell sheets for SCORPIO 70. Feel free to take the pics and post them here, if you would like. Great site, hope to be able to contribute!

Temple of Schlock said...

Hi Steven! Thanks so much for the kind words about the Temple! We'll link to your blog from the post so everyone can check out those ads. Take care, and thanks again for stopping by and checking in with us!