Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One-Sheet of the Week: Pam Grier

Instead of running an actual 27 x 41 movie sheet for our birthday girl, we decided to go with her super smooth Pro-Arts poster from 1978, which we knew we had somewhere in the Temple archives but couldn't immediately locate (why we never got this bad boy framed is beyond us). After an hour of searching poster tubes -- and stumbling upon both Lola Falana's and Marilyn Joi's dual Pro-Arts offerings -- we finally found the Pam Poster, only to discover that it was still rolled and sealed inside the plastic! Paul broke out the wine and cheese, Po-Man got side one of Minnie spinnin' on the turntable, and we all verrrrrrry carefully unsheathed this rolled 20 x 28 deadly weapon from its scabbard. We say "deadly weapon" because after 30 years of confinement this beauty was determined to take off a few fingers during the unfurling. With the help of our hunchbacked servant Quasi Schlocko and about 15 telephone books, we managed to get it unrolled and spread out flat on the library floor for a very quick photo shoot. The image here doesn't represent the whole poster (we had to crop out the telephone books on Photoshop) but you get the idea. We're on our way to Target right now to snag some frames. Enjoy. Just don't get too close -- and God help ya if you knock away one of those phone books.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent, I had this poster on my wall for years.