Friday, May 22, 2009

Kris' Movie Crossword #4

by Kris Gilpin


6) In the '60s his exteriors represented his characters' interiors: ANTONIONI
8) Dirty Bob: SAGET
10) Some say his wife became stone, some say salt: LOT
11) David B.'s machine: TIN
14) Got in bed with Ted, Bob & Alice: CAROL
16) Thinking: MULLING
18) They said, on the record, not to crush that dwarf: FIRESIGNTHEATRE
20) M. Antony asked to borrow these: EARS
21) Who's behind the curtain? WIZARDOFOZ
24) It's friggin' cold in here: IGLOO
25) S. Lem novel, read by Andrei T. & Steven S.: SOLARIS
27) The funny version of 22 down: GAY (Blade)
28) Depressed & beautiful in blue: BINOCHE

1) Like: ENJOY
2) E. Wood was not a bad one: SON
3) A secret agent's daytime illuminations: LIVING (Daylights)
4) Edward Scissor--I mean, Penishands (initially): ESP
5) Rosie O'Dildo has a huge, fat one: EGO (& you thought it was ass ;)
7) May it live long: NEWFLESH
9) Monte H.'s blacktop: TWOLANE
12) Lynch's pain & suffering: GARMANBOZIA
13) 20th century schizoid progmen: KINGCRIMSON
15) Type of epidermis once around Viggo M.: REFLECTING (Skin)
16) Julia R. with no make-up on: MARYREILLY
17) You get this if you are evil: (the) CHAIR
19) The male type who spends his life getting into tense situations: REPO (Man)
22) Antonio or Guy: ZORRO
23) Always a treat, or an idiot, or Bush: BOOB
26) Sam R. (anti?) hero: ASH

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