Friday, May 29, 2009

Kris' Movie Crossword #5

by Kris Gilpin


1) Pretty Peggy, or tea: LIPTON
4) Once they freakily rained down on film: FROGS
7) Aldo Ray shit flick about a stupid swamp creature: BOG
8) Ed & Gretch & 52 Bicycles: ROUNDERS
9) Row yer boat: OAR
11) David B.'s musical brothers: BEWLAY
12) Ron H. as a young'un: OPIE
14) Rockin' dirigible: LED (Zeppelin)
16) Son of monkey: APEBOY
17) (Almost got ass): AS
19) "__-Nuff!": SHO
21) She told Coop from death, "I will see you again in 25 years": LAURAPALMER
24) Typically good Gabriel CD: SO
25) Relayer(s) of great, sometimes fragile progc -- and Howe!: YES
27) 7 Down's tattooed man was this: ILLUSTRATED
29) Moi: ME
31) Do midgets suck this?: HELIUM
32) Jenny & Meg: TILLYS
33) Filmmaker's right-hand man/woman: AD
34) Roberts & some school exams: ORALS
35) Badass Frank Doubleday in "New York:" ROMERO
36) Group of thespians: SAG

1) Lauren & a key: LARGO
2) Debbie R.'s trap: TENDER
3) Kitty Winn got wasted in this square: NEEDLE
4) A foreign exchange student: FES
5) Oh, ____ __!: GROWUP
6) The Frenchie Tognazzi: UGO
7) Wrote classic film about a big fish: BRADBURY
10) Lettieri or Molinaro: AL
13) Gross yellow ooze: PUS
15) Women have these balls: EYE
16) Crappy internet: AOL
17) Kevin S. shot a white one: ALLIGATOR
18) He finally said, as an old man, "I don't even bother making love to small-breasted women now. It's a waste of my time": RUSSMEYER
19) Cool blood patterns: SPLATTERS
20) Larger tee-hee: HA
22) Routine: ROTE
23) Created golden turkeys: MEDVEDS
26) '50's rubber: SCUMBAG
28) A mystery man: LUDLUM
30) York & Sargeant (& Bush, too!): DICKS
31) S.K.'s ___-9000 computer: HAL

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