Friday, May 15, 2009

Kris' Movie Crossword #3

by Kris Gilpin


6) What it's like in Dennis Hopper's spot: HOT
7) Recited for Alice Cooper: VINCENT PRICE
9) He warned you not to pick up the telephone!: NICHOLASWORTH
10) Weird Al on the air: UHF
11) Tilda & Co. took some sun there: THE BEACH
13) Right bloody now!: ASAP
15) Space dwarf: E.T.
18) Babe who snatched some candy: TIFFANYBOLLING
21) Rick M.'s grew up to be a man eater: PLANT
22) Filmed his speaking parts: ATOMEGOYAN
23) Ancient snake: ASP

1) Cool cannibalism, from a woman: RAVENOUS
2) A good hooker comes with these: HANDCUFFS
3) The last (younger) Floyd: FINALCUT
4) M. Ryan was against these: ROPES
5) Not that one...: THISONE
6) High school bee-otches: HEATHERS
8) Wrote great red prose about a young female neighbor: KETCHUM
12) Kill: HIT
13) His wife called him hun: ATTILA
14) Apparently played Bingo on 11 across: ANNETTE
16) Wenders' early cinematic alter-ego: VOGLER
17) One of Altman's trio of females: SISSY
19) Typing types: FONTS
20) Milligan, Sellers & Secombe: GOONS

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