Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Endangered List (Case File #29)

A sexy mob action-comedy from the folks who brought you NYMPHS ANONYMOUS, THE HANGING OF JAKE ELLIS, and LOVE ME LIKE I DO.


Kirk Scott
Tanya Lemani
Lydia Noel
Cyrill Davidson
Vincent Barbi
Ralph Richmond
Bobby Drake
James Whitworth
Phil Hoover
Lana Jaston

Written and Directed
J. Van Hearn

Executive Producer
Elsa Singman

Bob Maxwell

Sam Kopetzky

Eastman color

Great Empire Films Inc.

A Hollywood Cinemart release

MPAA rating: R
Running time: 82 minutes


Corell should have known better than signing all those IOU’s in Vegas. Now he’s got his tail in the wringer with the mob. We see him enter a plush bordello, surrender his gun to the bouncers, pay his dues to the weirdo Madam, check the available merchandise and wind up in conference with the old hood who runs the place.

Mike, the old Mafioso, is in tears because he lost a million bucks of skimmed cash on his flight from Vegas to Miami. He hasn’t told the boys yet and his life expectancy is rapidly approaching the zero mark.

Corell is forcibly enlisted to find the airline hostess. There is no time to even swing a little from the chandeliers with the ladies of the establishment. He soon tracks down the suspect.

Yvonne, the boozy, oversexed airline hostess who probably heisted the million bucks, can afford to live in a million dollar Beverly Hills mansion. She is crying her head out because Arthur, her husband, was buried yesterday. The sight of the handsome Corell dries her tears at once and in no time they’re both soaked in pink champagne and smooching in a blue bubble bath. Meanwhile, her daughter Baby takes Polaroid shots through a slit in the door. And when she mails them to Corell’s boss, Liutenant Sanders, Corell is suspended. But of course Sanders soon discovers that he can’t cope with the beautiful Yvonne either.

However, he does find the dead body of Arthur under her bed. Arthur was supposed to be buried days ago.

Events move with ever increasing speed without letup. Poor Yvonne is murdered by a mysterious female burglar. Corell tries to find out who it is. When Sanders digs up Arthur’s coffin he finds Yvonne. Now Corell finds the female murderer dancing in a topless joint.

She traps him and he is almost killed in a savage fight with a 7-foot goon. Baby, too, is murdered in a gory bathroom scene.

In a rage, Corell now plunges into a showdown with Mike’s hoods. He subdues them and manages to confront Mike. In a smash surprise ending we discover that Mike is innocent and that the Madam of the joint is a female impersonator who organized the million dollar heist of Mike’s money.

There are many solid laughs throughout the picture, but the closing scene tops them all. There have been three dead and several missing in the frantic chase for the million, but the winner is the man we all know, hate and fear…you guessed it…THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE!!!!

The Cop: Lieutenant...!! I need help...I'm gonna get raped!!

The Madam: 100 in legal tender of the realm, no mileage restrictions…booze is extra, breakfast free.

The Mafia Boss: OK Fuzz…I’m through with you. Your own boss will lock you up for the rest of your life. I’m just gonna stuff you into that trash can where you belong.

I’m a cop. When I find the million I’m supposed to give it back, not share it out to little blondes.

The Cop: A little hustling, a little dancing, there’s nothing wrong with that, but murder is something else, Baby.

Baby: You better take your clothes off, cop!

Too late…Baby is very nude but also very dead.

“Baby Has the Fever”. Hit song of the picture. Actual representation of the smash show in Sunset’s Bodyshop.


Robert Plante said...

Phil Hoover!

Casey said...

Just a heads up: at the time of this writing, this movie is now streaming on Amazon Prime! What a time to be alive as an exploitation film fanatic.