Friday, May 08, 2009

Kris' Movie Crossword #2

by Kris Gilpin


1) Do not pick him up: HITCHER
8) Ugly fucker: RONJEREMY
9) A scared Ripley sang of this type of star: LUCKY
12) Pappy Zombie: GEORGEAROMERO
13) He truly believed that reality was a real sham: PHILIPKDICK
15) Mr. Bunny loved to get one: CARROT
17) P. Grier kicked ass in it: ARENA
19) He told Harlan he'd see him in Pittsburgh: JAMESWOODS (from VIDEODROME)

2) 10 down's notorious claim to fame: HENRY
3) Quentin and others had less than a handful of these: ROOMS
4) Sometimes it tests you in a road: FORK
5) Marky Mark drove a lot there: ITALY
6) "Firefly" & his hilarious brothers declared war in this: DUCKSOUP
7) Young, lovely muse to pre-Lynch, French weirdfilm-maker: ANNAKARINA
10) Broke a neck in very disturbing sequence in 2 down: ROOKER
11) As Frank Poole, he drifted off in space to die: LOCKWOOD
12) Early film with the hot Woman in Black: GOTCHA
14) Jagger in NC-17 Nazi gay-POW drama, originally a play: BENT
16) Bitch Joan in her last cinematic turd: TROG
18) Exhibited tension with small mountains, but sucked with reflecting objects: AJA

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