Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Endangered List (Case File #30)


Also released as SWINGING TEACHER


Michael Montgomery (Mitchell)
Lynn Baker (Kathy)
Charlie McCarty (Frank Adams)
Marjorie D'Aquila (Mary Adams)
Nancy Nelson (Carol Redding)
John Pike, Jr. (Billy Whitefoot)
Fred Tiemens (Guy)
Chuck Walter (Joey)
Peter Goetz (Store Owner)
Ann Zaleski (Rental Agent)
Joe Giannetti (Cabbie)
Mary Sumner (Grandmother)

Michael Montgomery

David Feldshuh

Kathy Fehn

Gene Borman

Ken Robinson

Music composed
by Dale Menten

Music arranged
byBill Barber, Dale Menten

Ken Robinson

Sound and 2nd Editor
Andrew London

Associate Producer
Paul Wesman

Assistant Cameraman
Martin Walter

2nd Unit Sound
Dennis O'Rourke

Set Dresser
Kathy Fehn

Gino Loseno

Production Assistants
Nancy Steen and Mary Fehn

Production Stills
ill Manners

Sound Engineers
Clyde Green and Dick Hedlund

Titles & Opticals
Consolidated Film Services


running time: 95 Minutes

JUST BE THERE rating: PG (1973)
SWINGING TEACHER rating: R (1975)

Released by Montgomery Productions

A Jack H. Harris presentation
released by
Worldwide Entertainment Corporation


Mitchell (MICHAEL MONTGOMERY), a returning veteran, is reunited with his girl, Kathy (LYNN BAKER). Time has passed all too quickly for the young couple and they must hurry to meet Mitchell's family, who anxiously await the homecoming. The reunion goes smoothly until Frank (CHARLIE McCARTY) asks Mitchell about his future plans. Mitchell's announced intention to become a writer meets with resistance from his father, an affluent pork belly broker who wants to hand his son the family business on a silver platter. Mitchell is supported by his mother (MARJORIE D'AQUILA) and his younger brother, Joey, an anti-establishment type.

Days pass as Mitchell and Kathy renew their love relationship. One night, they are caught skinny dipping by the police, and the son of the prominent businessman makes headlines the next morning. This uncomfortable situation leads to a confrontation between father and son. Mitchell moves out of the house and into Kathy's apartment. Mitchell's writing doesn't go well and he becomes discouraged. Money is tight and work hard to find. His father invites him to the country club and proposes a deal. Mitchell finally agrees to work for the company part time. Carol Redding (NANCY NELSON), the debutante daughter of a wealthy associate of Frank's, works for the public relations department.

Humorous scenes follow as Mitchell learns how to sell pork bellies. Mitchell changes and becomes more like his father. He enjoys success in the business, a new bachelor apartment, and a seduction by Carol. With the financial freedom he has as Vice-President of Adams Commodities, Mitchell proposes marriage to Kathy. Although Kathy still loves him, she refuses to marry Mitchell, feeling that he's copping out on what he really wants to do.

Confused and surprised, Mitchell leaves for the North Shore of Lake Superior on his motorcycle. Mitchell writes a letter to his father. Frank invites Kathy to his office and reads the letter to her. Kathy makes a decision and surprises Mitchell on the North Shore.


Kris Gilpin said...

wow, I remember this one, it played Miami as Just Be There.

a cheaply shot, grainy, sappy eyesore--whatta piece of grunt!

Anonymous said...

This may have been the first movie in the Twin Cities movie making blip. It was prompted by the success of Prince who put Minneapolis on the map. The height of this film making craze was Prince's "Purple Rain." In recent years, Naturalite Pictures made several films, including "There's Danger in Romance", "Beethoven's Tenth" and "Sven and Sofia." Movie makers here have discovered niche markets thanks to the internet and cable TV. Shooting with digital cameras and editing on computers have made it easy for anyone with a script and a cast to make movies.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i saw this in Bakersfield. It was made for under $70,000 and blown up for the theatrical market. Not bad for a first effort. As I recall, the photography and music were excellent. Peter Goetz was a riot. I'd like to get a copy for my collection if anyone has one.

Anonymous said...

I think that Worldwide Entertainment Corporation is still around; you might want to contact them to see if they know what happened to the movie.

Worldwide Entertainment Corporation
1674 Broadway
New York, NY 10019-5838
Phone: (212) 957-5950

Nickntime said...

I'm the Photographer of this film and just recently discovered a 3/4 U-Matic film transfer of "Just Be There" and had it made into a DVD.
Forgot how awful most of the acting was but it still has some moments and gives you a glimpse into the "Mary Tyler Moore" era Minneapolis culture.
If any one desires a copy contact me at:

Nickntime said...

Because I received quite a few requests for copies
I decided to uploaded to Vimeo for viewing.
If you still want a copy contact me at above email.