Sunday, January 01, 2017

Movie Ad of the Week: LION MAN VS. THE BARBARIANS w/ KUNG FU MANIAC (1982)

The howlingly funny Turkish action-adventure flick KILIÇ ASLAN (1975), better known as LION MAN and starring Cüneyt Arkin ("Steve Arkin"), went directly to the kung fu track here in the U.S. courtesy of William Mishkin Motion Pictures. Riding the coattails of CONAN THE BARBARIAN, Chicago sub-distributor Don Buhrmester pushed the film as LION MAN VS. THE BARBARIANS for its one-theater Loop debut with the previous year's KUNG FU MANIAC on August 14, 1982.

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CMG said...

I know of 1 U.S. video release for 'LION MAN'. BEST FILM AND VIDEO put it out in a clamshell case with sleeve art. I've got a copy except I've not got 'round to watching it yet. (Gotta get my VCR fixed . . . ).