Thursday, January 05, 2017

Mystery Movie: THE BODY (ca. 1981)

A film called THE BODY received a theatrical release by Independent Artists in 1981, and we've yet to find promotional materials, trade paper or fanzine reviews, or anything else that would indicate what the film is about, who's in it or who directed it. Apart from WEAPONS OF DEATH, STARK RAVING MAD and a re-release of THE BLACK SIX, the few Independent Artists releases we're aware of are all European films, most of which had already come out through International Cine Film Corporation under different titles: Claude Chabrol's HIGH HEELS (previously released as PLAY NOW, PAY LATER), WHEN THE SCREAMING STOPS (previously released as THE SWINGING MONSTER) and León Klimovsky’s WALK OF THE DEAD (previously released as VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES). Because there's a billing block on the WEAPONS OF DEATH and STARK RAVING MAD materials but few (or no) credits on the one-sheets and ads for the company's European releases, we'll assume that THE BODY is European as well. A couple months back we showed this ad to Video Watchdog's John Charles and he made the very good suggestion that perhaps it was a reissue of Klimovsky's I HATE MY BODY, a Spanish production that received scattered playdates in the U.S. from CinAmerica Releases beginning in 1975. We'll keep that in mind until we find more information.

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