Tuesday, January 03, 2017

"Zombies Arouse More Jeers Than Fears" in Green Bay, WI - September 1984

A dusk-to-dawn zombie show held at the Valley Outdoor Theatre in Green Bay, WI the weekend of September 7-9, 1984 consisted of THE ZOMBIE'S RAGE (Joe D'Amato's ANTROPOPHAGUS, a.k.a. THE GRIM REAPER), WALK OF THE DEAD (LA REBELION DE LAS MUERTAS, a.k.a. VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES), Ted V. Mikels' THE ASTRO ZOMBIES, REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES (the Shaw Brothers' GOU HUN JIANG TOU, a.k.a. BLACK MAGIC 2) and THE CURSE OF THE LIVING DEAD (Jean Rollin's LES DÉMONIAQUES). The article below appeared in the Green Bay Gazette on Sunday, September 9.

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Edwin Gingold said...

I attended this show and covered it for my old zine, SHOCK-A-LAMA-DING-DONG. Brought a date but she ditched me for a zombie who had a jacket just like Michael Jackson's from THRILLER (bitch). It worked out okay 'cause I got really stoned during THE GRIM REAPER and chatted up the post-menopausal broad making the popcorn in the concession stand. Next thing I knew we were drinking Fuzzy Navels and I lost my virginity during THE ASTRO ZOMBIES. Thanks, Ted V. Mikels!