Friday, January 13, 2017

Mystery Movie: B.A.R.F. (ca. 1981)

An unknown GROOVE TUBE-style skit comedy titled B.A.R.F. received spotty showings at drive-ins and midnight shows throughout the South in 1981 and 1982 (The ad above is from a March 20, 1981 booking in Tallahassee). According to this message board comment from someone who has seen it, B.A.R.F. is an acronym for "Bizarre Adventures in Raw Film," which leads us to suspect that this might be a re-release of Jim Bryan's BOOGIEVISION (1977). It could also be 69 MINUTES (1976), an Endangered List title that frequently played with BOOGIEVISION.

Palm Beach, FL - November 19, 1982

Jackson, MS - November 26, 1982

69 MINUTES and BOOGIEVISION in Akron, OH - May 19, 1978

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