Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Endangered List (Case File #153)

a.k.a. SLICK SILVER & Co.

R. Terrell Reagan
Hal Fletcher
Bond Gideon
Bill McGhee
Ken Miller

Directed by
Perry W. Tong

Written by
R. Terrell Reagan

Produced by
Perry W. Tong

Executive Producers
R. Terrell Reagan
George Tregre

Cinematography by
M.L. Nelson

Edited by
M.L. Nelson

Music by
Bill Bauer

Costumes by
June Tregre

Makeup Artist
Pat Tong

A Crescendo Cinema III production

Released by
Centro Distributing

MPAA rating: PG

(Above) Perry Tong double feature - Longview, TX - August 22, 1975

STEPSISTERS (below) was re-released by Sam Sherman as THE TEXAS HILL KILLING and HANDS OF BLOOD, but SLICK SILVER & CO. has never resurfaced.

(Below) Before making STEPSISTERS and SLICK SILVER, Tong tried unsuccessfully to adapt his novel The Brutus Incident for the big screen.

Boxoffice - November 6, 1972

Perry Tong: sub-distributor

Variety - June 5, 1974

Boxoffice - February 10, 1975

Boxoffice - April 7, 1975

Boxoffice - June 9, 1975

Boxoffice - October 27, 1975

Boxoffice - November 10, 1975

Boxoffice - October 25, 1976

Boxoffice - November 10, 1976


CMG said...

There was (presumably) a British PAL-format VHS release of 'SLICK SILVER AND CO.' I saved a picture of the video sleeve on my computer. I say 'presumably' as I've not run across the tape yet, but I expect their was as FIFTH DIMENSION VIDEO was a real company. The movie was released to video in the UK January 1, 1986 and there's a BBFC-mandated rating on the sleeve art. (It's 'PG'). There is no exact release date of the video on the sleeve art, unfortunately. FIFTH DIMENSION VIDEO released a number of titles -- all of them obscure. I have 2 of their releases in my video collection: WENDIGO (1978) and SAVAGE WATER (1979). Both films were directed by Paul W. Kener (whose real name is apparently 'Paul Kiener' as seen on the IMDb). FIFTH DIMENSION VIDEO didn't bother to put a release date on the sleeves of 'Wendigo' or 'Savage Water', either. FDV also released such movies as MYSTERIOUS PLANET, SOMETIMES AUNT MARTHA DOES DREADFUL THINGS, NO TIME FOR ROMANCE and DEATH CURSE OF TARTU (Tagline: They thought it was a joke!) among others.

If you'd like to see what the FIFTH DIMENSION VIDEO sleeve for SLICK SILVER looks like just drop me a line and I'll e-mail/send it to you. I reckon you could also find a sleeve pic online somewhere. I cannot recall any more where I found the art picture . . . but at least I saved it!

Anonymous said...

Slick Silver isn't hard to find. I have it.

CMG said...

Just because YOU have it, Mr. Anonymous Chicken Plucker, doesn't mean it isn't hard to find. I have a copy of WINNEBANGO (1975) on VCX. I've only seen it for sale 1 time and I bought it. From eBay in 2002. See, we can both play that game! Ain't it grand? (P.S. I apologize to any readers for the grammatical errors in my first post. I thought I'd proofread it well enough, but I missed some mistakes. I should've said SLICK SILVER & CO. was released on FIFTH DIMENSION VIDEO ~after~ January 1, 1986 when the mandated BBFC certificates appeared on all legally released UK videos).