Saturday, March 19, 2011

QuasiSchlocko's Cool Links

We haven't seen the Michael Jai White DTV actioner BLOOD AND BONE (2009), but because it's been highly recommended to us by a half dozen folks who know the kind of stuff we like, it's been moved to the top of our "to watch" pile. We did manage to catch BLACK DYNAMITE in Times Square during its one-week theatrical run, and thoroughly dug the smooth velour subtlety of White's comic performance in that frequently spot-on and very funny send-up of '70s soul cinema. Our friend Scott Tre recently landed an interview with White, which was posted last week over at Scott's Introspection Section. We just read it, and you should too. You'll find it here.

As part of the For the Love of Film (Noir) film preservation blogathon, our brainy buddies The Flying Maciste Brothers did a fascinating Destructible Man dissection of Phil Karlson's THE PHENIX CITY STORY (1955). Check it out!

Finally, anyone who enjoys looking at old movie promo art should head over to The Friends of Marty Melville, which Video Watchdog's Charlie Largent and John Charles launched back in December. It's updated regularly, so you'll find an already substantial collection of ads like the one above, as well as stills, posters and other press items.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out. Michael Jai White is a great guy. He was a pleasure to interview. Trust me when I say that in the next few years he is going to do an action film that will take the mainstream by storm. As far as action heroes go, he is truly the "best kept secret."

I urge anyone who has not seen "Blood and Bone" to do so immediately! Fans of B-Movies and martial arts films will find a lot to like. It's a real gem.