Friday, March 11, 2011

The Endangered List (Case File #99)

UPDATE 3/14/2011: Big thanks to contributor Rivamarsh for providing much more information on this elusive film, including its original title, release date, additional credits, and the two RUSSKY ads below!


A Warren St. Thomas Production

Laura Ash (Shirley)
Will Marchetti (Jonas)
Greg Myers (Captain Dredge)
J. Thomas Hudgins (Joe Crocodile)
Toby Glenn (Captain Tug)
David Lezar (Shirley's Boyfriend)
Christopher Meyers (Captain Garbage)

Waterfront Work Crew
Thomas Woods
Jere Peacock
Grata Shields
Michael Jackson

Waterfront Girls
Anna Sears
Roberta Ross
Andrea Freeman
Helen Rowe
Cricket Singer
Michelle Overby
Debra Walton
The Red Leg Girls

Band on Dry Dock
Joe Tate and the Red Legs

King Scene
Sal Rouda
Gene Severson

Girls in King Scene
Sandra White
Barbara Bertone
Sherry Kerrig

Musical Score
Stanley Vincent

Rivamarsh says: This film was originally titled "Russky" and had its world premiere at the RKO Golden Gate theatre on October 28th 1971.

The film received a wider release in 1973 as CARNAL CONNECTION.


Steve said...

There is a copy of this film RUSSKY on the video archive at

Unknown said...

The American Genre Film Archive in Austin has a print.