Thursday, March 03, 2011

Mystery Movie: BENEATH THE SHEETS (1976/1977)

This entry is actually a 2-for-1 deal. First, we found a newspaper ad from 1977 for something called BENEATH THE SHEETS, which appears to be an English-language U.S. release of an Isabel Sarli movie. The mystery: just what Isabel Sarli movie is it?

So, while we were looking around for Sarli's SHEETS, we turned up a completely different BENEATH THE SHEETS from a year earlier. Released by Hemisphere Pictures, this one looks like a European sex education "report" on teen promiscuity.

We're almost positive that it's a retitling of Reinhard Clausen's SABINE (1974), which had already been released by Hemisphere in 1975 and '76 as KICK FROM THE FOOT OF THE BED and REFLECTIONS FROM A BRASS BED.

So does anyone know for sure what's going on beneath the sheets in all these beds?

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Screen 13 said...

Taking a VERY wild guess here on the Sarli film - Although a number of films that can fit the title, It could be Woman and Temptation. The Co-Feature, Teach Me, was possibly The Games Schoolgirls Play which had that as an alternative title, and according to the IMDb (hope I have my notes right), both were Distributed through Cinepix in Canada who I think had some Distribution in the US. It's possible that if there was a Sub Distributor who offered a number of the Canadian company's titles, then both would have possibly been in it's list of flicks to play.

The Sarli ad looked like a clear case of pasting another title over the original, so any one of the few films she starred in that got a US release could fit the bill, but for some strange reason (could be the look of the ad itself) I'm thinking that it was possibly Armando Bo's 1966 film.

The only other guess I can think of is Fuego (US dist: Haven International Pictures).

I won't be surprised is it's something else, though...