Friday, March 04, 2011

The Endangered List (Case File #98)


Alisha Fontaine

Produced and directed
Curt Ledger

Released by
Sam Lake Enterprises

MPAA rating: X (submitted in 1974)
First known theatrical playdate: January 18, 1972

PLOT DESCRIPTION: A woman becomes involved sexually with her husband's poker partners. During their antics, which are watched by the woman's daughter, the woman has an accident and is crippled for life. The husband dies an alcoholic, the mother commits suicide after learning that her daughter is sleeping with her lover, and the daughter continues having sex with anyone.

NOTE: The trailer can be seen on the SHE-MOB/NYMPHS ANONYMOUS special edition DVD from Something Weird/Image Entertainment.

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pudgym29 said...

I've been searching the Chicago Tribune's archives {on-line} for when was the first time I attended the Monroe Theater in Chicago. (The movie which I sense was the first was "The Case Of The Smiling Stiffs" (a|k|a "The Case Of The Full Moon Murders" [Dir.: Sean Cunningham])).
I'm up to January 1975. "It's.. Frenchy's Friday" was the last movie shown at the fabled Clark Theater (11 N Clark St.) on November 7, 1974.
By then, the Clark was a $1.25 house. It was paired with "Inheirited Sex Mania", a Japanese Pink movie with Sandra Julien!