Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Happy Birthday STACY KEACH

America's greatest living actor? We think so.


Neil Sarver said...

I just listened to his reading of "The Big Bang" by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins and it was terrific. I can't disagree with the assessment at all.

Max Allan Collins said...

On Sunday in Chicago, we recorded the dialogue for my Mike Hammer audio novel, ENCORE FOR DEATH. A great Chicago cast with Tim Kazurinsky, David Pasquesi, Iowa boy Mike Cornelison (as Pat Chambers) and many more joined Stacy Keach doing his signature role.

Stacy started at 10 a.m. and finished up about 7 p.m. with maybe four brief breaks, one for lunch, during which he stayed in the studio going over his script. He was like a great old boxer who just kept swinging and swinging, and landing punch after punch, leaving younger talent on the canvas. He is amazing.

Also a very nice man, which isn't necessary in a great artist, but is a cool bonus. Cornelison said, "Stacy is who we all want to be when we grow up."

Will Errickson said...

While his Mike Hammer was a favorite of mine back in the '80s when I was a kid, over the last couple years I've come to appreciate Keach even more for his work in 9TH CONFIGURATION, ROADGAMES, and most recently, FAT CITY. Still need to see KILLER INSIDE ME. Keach is a legend indeed!

Mike White said...

I want to know what every photo comes from! :)

Keach is that man. He'll always be my favorite for his role in Ninth Configuration.

Temple of Schlock said...

Hi guys, thanks for responding!

@Neil and Max: I've purchased most, if not all, of the Keach/Spillane audiobooks for my public library but haven't gotten around to listening to any of them yet. "Nuts for winter" I say, as the sweat pours down my face on June 6th.

@Max: I've traded e-mails and chatted on the phone with Mr. Keach a few times and he really is a very nice man.

@Marc: I wish Columbia would put out THE GRAVY TRAIN on DVD already! Keach, Forrest, and Primus all told me they love the movie and would get together for an audio commentary in a heartbeat.

@Will: We like THE KILLER INSIDE ME as a movie, even though it isn't successful as a Jim Thompson adaptation. Keach is great but is playing a character different from the Lou Ford of the book. He's too sympathetic, too upfront about his education, and not passive aggressive in the slightest bit toward the citizens of the town like Thompson's character. Taken on its own it's fine, but I can totally understand why fans of the book might dislike it and think that Keach was miscast.

@Mike: Serious? Even the one-sheets? :)