Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cinema Overdrive collectible poster prints for sale!

We've never attended a Cinema Overdrive screening but we're tempted to jump into the Schlockmobile and high-tail it to Raleigh, North Carolina now that we've seen the extremely cool limited edition poster prints that are being created by local artists for this monthly film series. In the past month we've snatched up 3 of these beauties (SWITCHBLADE SISTERS, SOUTHERN COMFORT and THE CANDY SNATCHERS) and they're already framed and hanging in the Temple library. We would've purchased a few others but they were sold out. Believe me, these prints are going like hotcakes -- but before we go "messin' around gossipin' and blow our good thing" as the great Millie Jackson would say, here's a little bit about the Cinema Overdrive program, brazenly right-clicked from their website and pasted below in italics with the barest minimum effort by yours truly.

12.5" x 19"
by Danny Miller

Cinema Overdrive is a monthly film series dedicated to bringing you the very best in cult, exploitation and gonzo action cinema. Specializing in the audacious, the ludicrous and the flat out ridiculous, each Cinema Overdrive screening will bring you some of the rarest and most entertaining trailers and features you'll ever see. Many of the offerings in this series you may have never seen, or perhaps have never even heard of! But fret not as a good time is guaranteed for all. And since we aim to recreate a true, authentic grindhouse experience from long bygone era, all offerings will be on 100% genuine, honest to God 35mm film!

24" x 36"
by James Rheem Davis

The brainchild of local film archivists Matt Pennachi and Adam Hulin, Cinema Overdrive features a line-up of films that crosses multiple genres and eras. However, all are bound by the same spirit of pure enjoyment and insanity. When we founded the Retrofantasma Film Series back in 1998 our goal was to have the opportunity to show a few of our favorite horror films on the big screen. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that series would still be going strong 11 years later, but it is and we're incredibly proud of that. Yet despite the longevity and success of that series, we have always felt that there was another subculture of films that was being sorely overlooked. Having the opportunity to put together a series of this nature was something that we've wanted to do for years, but never had the opportunity to do until now. Fortunately for film fans of the Triangle, Colony Theater general manager Denver Hill shares our enthusiasm for this project and has paved the way for its inception. The bastard offspring of the already established COOL CLASSICS repertory film series has been born!

12" x 18"
by Ron Liberti

After the first few screenings, Pennachi and Hulin were "approached by a couple of local artists who had been coming regularly and asked if they could design advertising posters for our shows," says Pennachi. "I told them we were strictly a grass roots, DIY project and I just couldn't afford to get into that. Once we pay for the print licenses, theater rental and such, we're lucky just to break even -- which is fine, honestly. It turns out they loved the films and believed in the project so much, they agreed to create all of the artwork themselves, and if we sold it at the show they would keep enough to cover their costs, and pitch some our way to keep the series running. Since it couldn't hurt to give it a try, I figured why not."

9" x 24"
by Adam Hale Saul

That was a stroke of brilliance, Matt, because these posters are eye-catching and instantly collectible. Each one is hand silk screened, signed and numbered by the artist, and are offered on a first come, first served basis at the screenings. Whatever's left gets sold through the website, so collectors definitely want to get on the mailing list.

12.5" x 19"
by Laurie Shipley

Click HERE for more info.

18" x 24"
by James Rheem Davis

CINEMA OVERDRIVE shows take place on the second Wednesday of each month at the Colony Theatre in Raleigh, NC. All screenings begin at 8:00 pm and all tickets are only $5.00 per person!

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