Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Endangered List (Case File #71)

TROIKA (1969)

Nate Thurmond (Attenuated Man)
Gloria Rossi (Mediterranean Woman)
Parra O’Siochain (Warrior)
Morgan Upton (Rax)
T.G. Rossi (Boy)
Richard Faun (Mr. Gordon Goodloins)
Basilio O. Holowaty (Basil)
Sigmund Harris (Linesman)
R. Gordon Henderson (Professor of Astrology)
Elmer Moore (Professor of Folklore)
Ronald Wheeler (Professor of Classics)
Sigmund Harris (Professor of Economics)
Kenn Davis (Professor of Engineering)
Patricia Gaunce (Professor of Dance)
John Feldman (Professor of Ecology)
Fredric Hobbs (Chef/Phantom/Hobbs)

Written and directed by
Fredric Hobbs

Collaborating Director
Gordon Mueller

Art work by
Fredric Hobbs

William R. Heick
Gordon Mueller

“Black and White People”
photographed by Richard Faun

Edited by
Gordon Mueller

Music Consultant
David Johnson

Produced by
Inca Films

Released by
Emerson Film Enterprises

MPAA rating: R

89 minutes


Anonymous said...

Would kill to see this. May kill regardless.


Uncle Sporkums said...

Someone's selling photo negs of this on eBay!

Pete said...

I bought and scanned those photo negatives. Grab them here.

I don't think this film is lost, according to Nightmare USA the director at least has a copy. Hopefully some company like Vinegar Syndrome will contact him about releasing it.

Uncle Sporkums said...

The link is gone now. I still saved the pics from the auction, though.