Thursday, August 16, 2012

Updating the IMDb: Blogger Contributions

Two of our blogging buddies have officially joined the Temple's "Updating the IMDb Board of Review" by contributing the following corrections...

John Charles of Video Watchdog and By John Charles sent us evidence that the Carlos Tobalina softcore pic TONITE...I LOVE YOU -– starring Liz Renay, "the world's most beautiful woman" and former girlfriend of mobster Mickey Cohen -- was released a year prior to the 1974 date given on the IMDb. We dug around a little more and found the above ad, from an April 28, 1972 opening in Salt Lake City, UT.

John also sent us the above ad for Larry Brown's loopy AN EYE FOR AN EYE, from its theatrical run in Gastonia, North Carolina, beginning on September 28, 1973. Better known under its re-release title THE PSYCHOPATH, this strange serial killer thriller -- about a disturbed TV kids show host named Mr. Rabbey (Tom Basham) who kills abusive parents -– is incorrectly listed on the IMDb as a 1975 release.

Brian Bankston of Cool Ass Cinema wrote to tell us that Bill Rebane’s RANA, THE LEGEND OF SHADOW LAKE sports a 1981 copyright date during the closing credits, but the IMDb claims a 1975 release date. Because of its flashback structure, we wouldn’t be surprised if Rebane actually did start production in 1975, but the article above -- from the September 24, 1981 issue of the Madison, Wisconsin Capital Times -- confirms that the bulk of RANA was shot in 1981. When syndicated television airings of the film began in 1988, the year most often cited in TV listings was 1977, but we’ve also found 1980 and 1985 noted in various newspapers. The IMDb entry should be changed to 1981.


Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

Liz Renay forever
i'm a joe meek addics too:)
"i hear a new world" is fabulous record!!!!!

Mike DiRoma said...

Was there ever and "uncut" more violent version of EYE FOR AN EYE- and was it ever available on vhs/dvd?
The movie is a hoot.

Temple of Schlock said...

@Mike: The only version we've seen of THE PSYCHOPATH is the one Fox Hills released on VHS in the '80s. There's no indication on the MPAA website that the movie was cut for the PG rating.

rivamarsh said...

Went back and reviewed some of the older 'updating IMDb' posts and finally got them to change Rana from 1975 to 1981! victory :)

I also added the changes to 'An Eye for an Eye'.