Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Endangered List (Case File #122)


Susan Wescott (Billie)
Mark Fore (Kunt)
Anita (Susan)
Linda Vroom (Millie)
Jerome Scott (Link)
U. Heidi Sohler [Uschi Digard] (Bara)
Barbara Caron [Barbara Mills] (Theda)
Vinnie Hardin (Sam)
Tony Monson (Roy)
Zena (Dancer)
Crickett (Dancer)

Produced, written, directed
Robert Lee
[Lee Frost?]

Associate Producer
Ted Botkin

Production Manager
Mike Castle

Director of Photography
Stan Slate

Bill Coors

2nd Unit Cameraman
Bob Tom

Sound Mixer
Ted Botkin

Boom Man
Roger Derfer

Hugh Corcoran

Key Grip
Mike Levine

Make Up
Harry Hash

Gentlemen II

Edited by
Silvia Mulconery

Assistant Editor
M. W. Prever

Sheila Dehner

Set Design & Decorating
Teddy Peterson

Gentlemen II

Distributed by
Sack Amusement Enterprises, Inc.

Running time: 81 minutes


The star of our “Drop Out” is a young girl named Billie who is running away from a life she can no longer justify.

While hitch-hiking north on the Coast Highway, she is picked up by Sam Thorn, a 300 pound sexual glutton, and the two journey together on towards San Francisco.

As it grows later in the day, Sam pulls his car, with the sleeping Billie, into a motel operated by his friend, Kunt Harris, a part time neo-Nazi and full time voyeur.

Thus begins for Billie a series of sexual escapades starting with a hilarious running bout with Big Sam Thorn.

Sam, with more than his feelings hurt, checks out the next morning without paying for Billie’s room, leaving her in the hands of the “Crazy” Kunt.

Billie agrees to work off her bill as a maid at the motel, working under the direction of the constantly inflamed Kunt.

At the motel, she encounters a host of unforgettable characters including: Millie, the leggy go-go dancer, who turns Billie on to where the lights are low and the action is hot; Susan, Kunt’s hot pants wife driven mad with desire for Link, the handsome young filmmaker, who travels with his buxom assistants, Theda and Bara, and plans to capture the motel occupants’ wilder sexual moments on film, with or without their consent.

The motel is alive with sexual activity; room to room and wall to wall. Kunt takes as much advantage of it as possible, occasionally employing his spy glasses to enjoy the indoor activities of several of his patrons.

Link and his comely assistants have a tremendous romp putting it all on film. But now, they have a new idea for the perfect ending to their work of sexual art. It was the perfect climax: A live, unrehearsed gang bang using Billie as their unsuspecting victim.

It seemed as if it was going to be just another beach party until four of them got Billie alone!

P.S. This is the fourth motion picture brought to you by Gentlemen II Productions: “Sinthia,” “Matinee Wives,” “Casting Call” and now “Drop Out.” Soon to be followed by “Two for the Money.”

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Kelly Robinson said...

I like the tiny touch of class that the Theda Bara reference brings.