Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Endangered List (Case File #123) - FOUND!


Richard Smedley (Joey)
Susan Dreger (Earlene)
Carla Green (Jill)
Berry Christian (Harvey)
Vinnie Hardin (Porky)
Paul White (Tom)
Robin White (Jeri)
Chuck Camp (George)
Linda York (Fran)
Stacey Daniels (Mr. Neighbor #3)
Linda Vroom (Mrs. Neighbor #3)

Produced, Written, Directed
Robert Lee
[Lee Frost?]

Associate Producer
Ted Botkin

Production Manager
Mike Castle

Director of Photography
Stan Slate

Bill Coors

2nd Unit Cameraman
Bob Tom

Sound Mixer
Ted Botkin

Boom Man
Roger Derfer

Hugh Corcoran

Key Grip
Mike Levine

Make Up
Gem Burns

Gentlemen II

Edited by
Silvia Mulconery

Assistant Editor
Mike Prever

Sheila Dehner

Set Design & Decorating
Teddy Peterson

Gentlemen II

Released by
Sack Amusement Enterprises, Inc.

Running time: 81 minutes


…An intriguing look at two mismatched couples forced into an explosive relationship…as the twistings and turnings of their lives begins to eat away at the “love and marriage” fairy tale.

Joey and Earlene – outcasts of society – set out to recover their previously buried fortune which is (so they think) buried in the desert. Joey is an ex-con and Earlene is a whore right out of “Irma La Douce.” They find that their stolen money is not only under 6 feet of earth, but topped by a plush home in a newly built housing tract! The smell of money is overpowering, though, and they break into the home and in the process become voyeurs of a love scene between the young owners of the home, Harvey and Jill. As our impish redheaded whore observes Harvey’s lovemaking, she resolves to mix work (hers) with pleasure (his and hers). Joey’s goals remain more ordinary: to be rich and happy – in that order.

They commandeer the house after Harvey leaves for work and Joey forces Jill to undress so that she won’t be able to escape so easily. He tries to ignore a growing desire for this sensual child/woman with her catlike eyes. He throws himself into jack-hammering through the living room floor in an effort to regain his hidden money.

In the meantime, Earlene and Porky (the gross but aptly–named partner of Joey) occupy themselves by tormenting and torturing helpless, naked Jill. Even Harvey’s return home from work doesn’t distract them – in fact, Harvey learns from Earlene that “home life” can be dull.

The ingredients are all there and what follows is as bizarre as a night with the Marquis de Sade: …the rape of Jill by the mountainous, sadistic Porky, as Earlene watches hungrily, gun in hand…the seducing of Harvey by Earlene with a forced audience, his wife Jill – and all Earlene wants is to demonstrate for Jill how to “get it on” properly!...the erotic dreams of Earlene and her wild fantasies of Joey raping Jill…the hidden sexual awakenings of Jill and Joey’s desire for her…

The final savage act is played out in the midst of a neighborhood orgy, and you are left stunned. Can Joey and Jill survive the plunder/rape/murder and find a loving, gut-level relationship?

Big thanks to
Mike Decker
for hooking us up with the pressbook!


The Dead Next Door said...

Richard Smedley! Whatever happened to that guy?

Anonymous said...

A holy grail of mine as well.

Unfortunately, print numbers on so many of these were well under 20 and after they had their runs, they were all too often trashed. Negatives were abandoned in labs, which closed and often discarded their unclaimed holdings.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you have any more pictures of this film ?

Temple of Schlock said...

Sorry, this is all we have on this title.