Sunday, August 12, 2012

Movie Ad of the Week: LOVELY BUT DEADLY w/ JUST BEFORE DAWN (1983)

The short-lived Juniper Releasing was responsible for this unlikely double bill, which crept into 22 tri-state New York theaters almost as an afterthought on December 2, 1983. LOVELY BUT DEADLY (1982) is a PG-rated fighting femme flick about a karate-kicking high school cheerleader, Mary Ann "Lovely" Lovett (Lucinda Dooling), who goes after the drug dealers responsible for a wacky weed hybrid called "Elephant" that all of her comely classmates are hooked on and also caused the OD death of her brother (The original story is credited to Lawrence D. Foldes, the producer of MALIBU HIGH, which many TOS readers will recall features a song titled "Lovely But Deadly" over its opening credits). The co-feature, JUST BEFORE DAWN (1981), is a backwoods horror schlocker starring George Kennedy and Chris Lemmon that had already played on Showtime over a year earlier.

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