Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Synapse Films presents FANTASM

If you want a professional job done, hire a professional. That’s the old adage, and it explains why FANTASM – the first Australian softcore exploitation movie – ended up with a cast of American adult film personalities. The exception is Australian thespian John Bluthal, who appears (uncredited) as the film’s comical host, Professor Notafreud. Bluthal’s connecting scenes were shot in Australia, but the other 80% of FANTASM is comprised of ten short films with “made in U.S.A.” clearly stamped on each. These stories supposedly depict the case histories of noted sexologist Notafreud’s ten most titillating subjects, and FANTASM is his attempt “to undertake the exploration of the innermost mechanisms of the female mind” – or to just show lots of nudity and softcore sex. A brilliant strategy, and apparently others share my opinion; nearly thirty years later, this funny, filthy little catalogue of kinks from Down Under is not only still around, it’s actually getting the DVD treatment – which could leave a whole new generation of viewers pondering the million dollar Butch & Sundance question about the filmmakers involved: “Who are these guys?”

To read the rest of Chris Poggiali's liner notes, buy FANTASM on DVD from Synapse Films!

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