Wednesday, December 09, 2009

POP Cinema presents CINDERELLA 2000

CHRIS POGGIALI: "Welcome to the future, in the hopes that it will suit you..."

DAVID KONOW: Stop singing! I love disco music and Al Adamson movies, but nobody wants to hear you singing the theme from CINDERELLA 2000!

POGGIALI: OK, all right! Hello everyone, I'm Chris Poggiali and I'm here with David Konow, who literally wrote the book on Al Adamson (Schlock-O-Rama: The Films of Al Adamson). Today we're going to discuss a real oddity in the Adamson oeuvre, a sci-fi musical fairy tale sex comedy called CINDERELLA 2000.

KONOW: It's an oddity, even by Al Adamson standards, for a few reasons. It's an Al Adamson movie without the usual cast of Al Adamson stock players. It was shot almost entirely on a sound stage, but not Hollywood Stage, where Al usually worked. It's in a widescreen format called Todd-AO 35mm. It's a musical, and it was released with an X rating.

To read the rest of the liner notes by David Konow & Chris Poggiali, buy CINDERELLA 2000 on DVD from POP Cinema!

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