Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clippings: Larry Buchanan's THE REBEL JESUS

Larry Buchanan to Produce Film Called 'Rebel Jesus'

"Rebel Jesus," a post-resurrection story treating the Nazarene as a man who escaped death and was nursed back to health by Mary Magdalene, will be produced by Larry Buchanan and directed by Anthony Houston. A similar news story appeared in Japanese newspapers recently about Jesus' brother who reportedly emigrated after he had escaped. The Oriental tale had it that it was the Nazarene's brother who had been crucified and Jesus lived out the rest of his life in the Orient.

(Boxoffice, July 24, 1972, p.10)

Although THE REBEL JESUS was awarded a Bronze Medal for "Low-Budget Feature" at the 1973 Atlanta Film Festival and Buchanan gave it a limited four-wall release in 1974, the filmmaker considered it unfinished and continued to work on it right up to his death in 2004. It's now titled THE COPPER SCROLL OF MARY MAGDALENE (2004).


Brian Albright said...

Gene Shane, who played Jesus in this film, was also in WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS and played the lead in BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE. It's a shame we'll probably never see the finished film.

Kris Gilpin said...

with all the Buchanan DVD releases of the last few years (!)--I pray someone will bring this Rebel Jesus (great title!) out now, in the most complete form available!! ;-)

long live the Buchanan, cried the Swamp Creature!...