Thursday, December 10, 2009

Synapse Films presents FANTASM COMES AGAIN

A former distributor who introduced Australian moviegoers to the sublime (PRAVDA) as well as the ridiculous (THE CORPSE GRINDERS), producer Antony I. Ginnane later became one of the most important figures in the Aussie film industry partly due to the enormous success of his freshman effort, FANTASM, the first Australian softcore sexploitation movie. The smutty, low-budget moneymaker was such a big hit worldwide that Ginnane wasted no time putting together a follow-up. Tentatively titled FANTASM 99, FANTASM 2 and MY FIRST TIME, the sequel followed the original’s basic formula: 10 comic sex tales filmed in Los Angeles, starring American adult film stars, with linking scenes shot in Melbourne. The final result, FANTASM COMES AGAIN, begins in the editorial offices of an Australian newspaper, where retiring “Dear Collette” columnist Harry (Clive Hearne) is schooling his successor, the lovely young Libby (Angela Menzies-Wills), in the art of writing a sex advice column. In what adds up to roughly 20% of the film’s running time, the two writers read and answer 10 letters. The other 80% of FANTASM COMES AGAIN is comprised of 10 short, smutty films with “made in U.S.A.” clearly stamped on each.

To read the rest of Chris Poggiali's liner notes, buy FANTASM on DVD from Synapse Films!

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