Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kris' Movie Crossword #8

by Kris Gilpin


1) He announced at Woodstock that they were goin' home: TENYEARSAFTER
9) Aurora/goddess: EOS
10) Spasm: TIC
11) Where you go when you feel dirty: TUB
13) Great rock guitarist who was big as a mountain before dropping 100 lbs.: LESLIEWEST
14) Another aging dinosaur: CHER
15) The old old: OLDE
18) Zest: ELAN
19) If you love his music it's repetitive, hate his music it's monotonous: PHILIPGLASS
25) A short Monday: MON
26) Billy W.'s writing partner: IAL (Diamond)
28) Film: "Are my methods unsound?" "I don't see any method at all, Sir.": APOCALYPSENOW
32) Classical dance step: PAS
34) Funny monster in the naughty Flesh Gordon: PENISAURUS
36) Majestic: EPIC
37) Prefix: not: NON-
39) Great retro group, initially: ELO
40) Intensely eager: AGOG
42) Horrorshow scored by 19 across: CANDYMAN
45) Bombeck: ERMA
46) Smooth __ ____: ASSILK
47) He can't read or write music, but he's a brilliant producer: BRIANENO

1) Sometimes it's stuck in the water: TOE
2) Do you have this kind of gas?: ESSO
3) ____ __ the score: EVENUP
4) Short route: RTE
5) Not a brother: SIS
6) Players: ACTORS
7) Fred's old squeeze: ETHEL
8) Street in Paris: RUE
9) First "modern" Midnight movie: ELTOPO
12) Big-ass star in 28 across: BRANDO
14) Erasable/recordable CD: CDE
16) Thriving: BLOOMING
17) Cocksmen: PLAYERS
20) Widdle fellow: IMP
21) John C.'s War, ___.: INC
22) Buck Rogers on your T.V.: GIL
23) One of those tall mountains: ALP
24) Sometimes navigators say this: SSE
27) Crazed in 28 across: HOPPER
28) Sexy, surreal, popular show -- horrible film: AVENGERS
29) (Alias Zappa): AKAFRANK
30) Cry at sea: SOS
31) Howl: WAIL
33) Eastwood villain: SCORPIO
35) Extended plea: NOO
38) A near-brilliant man -- who followed a total idiot!: OBAMA
41) Zep's maker: DYER- (Led Zep song)
43) Found in radiology: MRI
44) Yummy Indian bread: NAN

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