Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jerry Lewis retrospective in L.A. ends this weekend

Those wacky Cinefamily friends of ours at the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles wrap their five-part series Jerry Lewis: The Total Filmmaker -- L.A.'s first ever Jer restrospective! -- this weekend with not one but two great nights of programming. Tonight, don't miss the double feature of Frank Tashlin's CINDERFELLA (1960) and Jerry's second directorial feature, THE LADIES MAN (1961). The fun starts at 6:30 p.m.

But wait! Hold on to your Buddy Lester hats, because on Sunday (as in tomorrow) the 'family's draggin' out the big guns! THE MONDO JERRY BBQ! Plenty of food and fun for everyone!

Here's an approximate itinerary (things might run 15-30 minutes over, give or take):

3:00-5:30: BBQing, and watching "Colgate Comedy Hours with Martin & Lewis"
5:30-6:30: Mondo Jerry (mix of great scenes and rare clips)
6:45-8:15: CRACKING UP a.k.a. SMORGASBORD (1983) 35mm print
8:30: THREE ON A COUCH (1966) 35mm archival print
10:30: THE BIG MOUTH (1967) 35mm archival print

And for those who can't get to the L.A. celebration, swing by the Temple all this weekend because we're servin' up the Le Roi du Crazy leftovers that never reached the table back in March during our Jerry Lewis Week!

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