Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kris' Movie Crossword #6

by Kris Gilpin


1) He shot for Peckinpah, drove for Carpenter: BORGNINE
7) Neil Young says a man needs one of these: MAID
10) He & his horse were both drunk in a classic shot: LEE (Marvin)
11) Native American peeps: OTO
12) It was Sailor & Lula in London: WILDATHEART
15) Have: OWN
16) Roman poet, probably drank & whored like Bukowski (?!): OVID
17) Idiot trier: (Judge) ITO
18) Fred Pohl novel, ___ Plus: MAN
19) Brilliant leader of 20 Down group: PETERGABRIEL
22) Sometimes a hair gets on it: LENS
23) Shit Flick starring Josh B.'s dad: CAR
25) Warren drove around with this guy's nob in a mung-dripping, disgusting, fly-infested bag: ALFREDOGARCIA
30) Quarter: SEM(ester)
32) Laff fest featuring on-screen cameramen who look like cheesy S.W. stormtroopers: REALLIFE
33) School paper: REPORT
37) Every woman was one: MISS
38) Utilize: USE
40) The title character blows one guy up via dynamite as the latter is masturbating (ha!): THEMADBOMBER
45) Poland: POL
46) Not MST: EST
47) Hit book, bomb Kevin S. film: SHIPPINGNEWS

2) Hardy or Platt: OLIVER
3) Ignited again: RELIT
4) Watanabe: GEDDE
5) Not an Exterior in a script: INT.
6) Song & film: ___ of Destruction: EVE
7) Carried needles because he thought he was a vampire: MARTIN
8) Beautiful Rose's generation: DOOM
9) Starred as 40 Across: (Chuck) CONNERS
11.5 (?!): Big iron bird!: TWA
12) What did you call me?!: WOP
13) Woofer: ____dale: AIRE
14) They can be webbed, but rarely: TOES
20) Their masterpiece involved selling England...: GENESIS
21) English trouser: BLOOMER
24) Take place: OCCUR
26) A period in London: FULLSTOP
27) (Say what, bro?!): (I'm) DEF
28) Women love it, men want it off: A/TOP
29) Results from big subterranean worms: TREMORS
31) Crimson King's Fripp: ROBERT
34) Electronic Evidence Discovery: EED
35) It's $100, __.: OBO
36) London underground: TUBE
39) Socioeconomic status: SES
41) ___-dermal: EPI
42) Ya, ___!: MON
43) Not Trig: ALG
44) Aloha: BYE

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Kris Gilpin said...

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