Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Positive feedback for Jerry Lewis Week

Hi Chris,

I'm having fun with the Jerry Lewis tribute on TOS. Used to really love his movies as a kid (and thankfully got to see matinees of a few of them, such as THE NUTTY PROFESSOR and WHO'S MINDING THE STORE?). Some have stood the test of time better than others but I was happy to see THE BIG MOUTH again the other day, first time since childhood when it was a staple of afternoon television.

For a few short years in my youth I did collect autographs, patiently writing away and hoping some kind-hearted celeb would be generous enough to respond with a photo or letter. Jerry Lewis did, and I've attached a scan.

Robert Richardson

Thanks Rob! We also heard from Jim Healy, assistant curator of motion pictures at the George Eastman House, who brightened up our day by sending us a link to this very funny YouTube clip from SMORGASBORD (CRACKING UP). Enjoy!

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