Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Endangered List (Case File #24)


Leigh Heine (Boobs)
Steven Vincent (Dr. Voxuber)
Sina Taylor (Shrink)
William Quinn (Bubblegum John)
Branch Halford (Sheena)
Ann Staunton (Mrs. Ding Dong)
Frank Whiteman (Howitzer)
Sonja Dunson (Ruby Begonia)
Harvey Shain (Burp)
Charlotte Mathieu (Doris)
Lisa Todd

Written & Directed by
Louis Garfinkle

Produced by
Justin Reid

Executive Producer
Lee Shrout

Director of Photography
Robert Eberlein

Edited by
Andrew Herbert

Music by
Lex De Azevedo

Assistant Director
Roger Anthony

Production Designer
Mike Devine

Production Manager
William White

Ray Sebastain

Costumes by
Lynn Devine

Special Effects
Richard D. Williams

Songs Performed
Peggy Clinger
Ric De Azevedo
Angelo Arvusia

Soundtrack album on
Amor Records

A Sol Fried-David Roth production

Sound by Glenn Glen
Color by DeLuxe
Running time: 92 minutes
MPAA rating: R

Released in 1971 by Capital Productions
Re-released by Capital in 1974 as THE SEXORCISTS
Also distributed by Cougar Releasing in 1978 as THE SEXORCISTS


DR. VOXUBER (Steven Vincent) is operating a mysterious 'Health Spa' training center at a rustic retreat on the California coast known as Godiva Springs. After interviewing fifty weirdly assorted people he selects eight for his next session. Voxuber requires that some pay for his services. However, there are those who -- because of their experiences with LSD and other psychedelic drugs -- are given
'scholarships,' providing Dr. Voxuber will purchase their 'trips.'

The group comprises SHRINK (Sina Taylor), a fashionable young housewife, mother of three, who hopes to become more aware and establish a relationship with nature, but whose real, unconscious goals are to abandon her family and have passionate affairs with men to whom she would have no obligations. BOOBS (Leigh Heine), a gorgeous teenager, has lived the wildest life for her nineteen years. Voxuber warns her against leaving in the middle of the session as she did once before, as all the men followed. HOWITZER (Frank Whiteman), a handsome stud and TV announcer, has joined for fun and games. MRS. DING DONG (Ann Staunton) is a middle-aged lady who teaches high school. RUBY BEGONIA (Sonja Dunson) is a sullen, hot-eyed colored girl who has preached the gospel every Sunday but found that every other day was filled with hatred. She also hopes that Dr. Voxuber can rectify her 'frigidness' with men.

BUBBLEGUM (John Quinn) is always chewing a wad of gum and although the gum is impregnated with a solution of LSD his boyish features fool everyone. SHEENA (Branch Halford) appears as a beautiful young lady until a captivated beau discovers that she is a male in drag. Sheena hopes to be able to find a solution to his problem -- but he has a clear preference for the female. BURP (Harvey Shain), the last of the group, is in his twenties and can only express himself by burping, which provides eloquent commentary to numerous discussions.

With this unlikely group in tow, Dr. Voxuber puts them through a strange series of exercises and rituals designed to make them aware of their bodies in a way they haven’t ever dreamed about. A sharp conflict develops between Voxuber and Howitzer when the Doctor prevents him from bedding Boobs, and insists on a code of eroticism without intercourse. Of course this system doesn’t work out and in the end Shrink is in love with Howitzer, Boobs with Bubblegum and Howitzer, who is in reality a vice squad cop sent out to investigate Voxuber, vows to give him a favorable report.

The session complete, Voxuber in jail after a wild LSD party, the group breaks up and each is now aware that their lives and destinies are in their own hands and not Voxuber’s.


CVH said...

How and where did you see this???

Marc Edward Heuck said...

The Montreal Gazette, October 25, 1971. Profile of Canadian producer David Roth

"The first epic was called BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE and it outdrew WILLARD, DOC, and CARNAL KNOWLEDGE when it opened in Lubbock, Texas, with a race-riot curfew and pouring rain at the drive-in's opening night.",1915169&hl=en