Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Endangered List (Case File #25)

FUNK IN 3-D (1976)

Annie Sprinkle
Alan Marlowe
Claire Sable
Nikki Hilton
Ralph Waters
Mike Jefferson
Sue Rowan
Rita Davis
Don Allen
Alex Mann
Al Levitsky
Ed Laroux

Written, produced, edited
Michael Findlay

Directed by
Julian Marsh
[a.k.a. Michael Findlay]

Filmed in Super-Depth 3-D

Rating: self-imposed X

Released by
American Film Distributing Corporation
(Stan Borden)

The first of three features shot in Findlay's "Super-Depth 3-D" system -- the other two are the Taiwanese kung fu flicks DYNASTY and 13 NUNS (a.k.a. REVENGE OF THE SHOGUN WOMEN) -- FUNK was built around 3-D test footage shot by Findlay in an attempt to get a quick return for those who had invested in his Super-Depth venture. It was released Christmas week 1976 by Stan Borden, the man who also unleashed Findlay's "Flesh" trilogy, the Olga movies, and THE INCREDIBLE TORTURE SHOW. Findlay was killed in a helicopter accident on the roof of the Pan Am building on May 16th, 1977.


Anonymous said...

I was just reading the Sleazoid Express book finally and I read about him and the Amero's Sucks the way he went out, he may have pushed 3-D forward instead of it disappearing for 20 odd years.

Casey Scott said...

Roberta Findlay inherited Michael's materials upon his death, as they were never married. She would probably be the person to ask about this film.

Dolph Sirabella said...

It's nice to see that Roberta still has Casey on retainer as her legal watchdog/representation/internet enforcer. I hope he gets paid well 'cause it didn't work out too well the first time around.

And I still think he and 42nd Street Pete should bury the hatchet and do a Siskel & Ebert-style podcast where they review 70's porn. Of course, there's the off-chance that a fistfight might break out over who holds the rights to a particular porn loop but that would give the show an extra edge.

Casey said...

Just trying to offer some advice on where this lost film could be, not looking for trouble. I mean, who *doesn't* want to see this movie??

Ken Fish said...

I met Mike when he was staying at the Lincoln Towers in Taipei. This was, I think, about 6 months before his death. Regardless of his film output, he was an extremely nice guy, and quite a lot of fun to be with. I was greatly saddened by his death - shocked when I read about it in the China Post. I believe he was trying to get away from the sleaze genre - and its too bad he wasn't able to popularize his 3-D system.